Components of the Langstroth Beehive

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The Langstroth beehive is the most recommended beehive, being less disruptive to bees during inspections and its better yields in terms of honey production compared to others. The brood chamber and the honey super are divided such that only the available honey is harvested. The frames of the super fit perfectly into the extractor and in this way the combs are not destroyed every time honey is harvested.

Annual production of different beehives

Hive type

Average annual production in Kg



Kenya Top Bar Hive


Traditional Log Hive




The Langstroth hive is easier to move during migration and easier to capture a swarm of bees with. Better quality honey is obtained because less smoke is used. However they are more costly and require a good knowledge of the cycles and bee ecology. The wood must be well seasoned.

The important components of a Langstroth hive are

Langstroth beehive

  1. Floor board
  2. Brood chamber (also called deep super)
  3. Queen exclude
  4. Super (also called shallow super)
  5. Clearer board
  6. Frame for entrance to protect bees against the wind and to provide a comfortable space (in case it is not available)
  7. Inner cover
  8. Outer cover
  9. Angle line
  10. Two screen separators

The parts should have the recommended dimensions and must fit perfectly with one another. It is very important to use well seasoned wood which should preferably be hard wood. Pines or cypress can also be used. Grevilea robusta can be used but the wood is not durable. Avoid knots when making the hive as they are likely to cause cracks. Use a flame to kill parasites that hide in angles and joints of the hive box and frames.                                                                                                                                                             


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