Choosing suitable domestic cat breeds

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Choosing a suitable domestic cat breed can be a daunting task because of the many different breeds and characteristics to choose from. According to The International Cat Association (TICA), the world's largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats, there are 55 recognized domestic cat breeds. But some cat breeds make better pets than others. Maybe you have chosen the right pet and have settled for a cat but do not know how to choose a suitable domestic cat breed for your home.

Generally go with a breeder when you want to buy a cat because that way you can ensure that the cat is healthy, that it has papers and that it comes out of a robust blood line. These are the considerations that should guide you while discussing your wishes with the breeder:


Personality of the domestic cat breed

You would go for a cat that best fit your personality and connects easily with other members of the family.  Cats come in different characteristics and temperament. There are those that are friendly to children along with others that are jealous which can lead to a bad relationship between the children and the cats. This can bring tension in the house such that both cat and child become paranoid of one another.

Resistance to diseases

Some domestic cat breeds are more resistant to diseases than others. It can be very expensive if a vet has to make regular visits to treat common diseases such upper respiratory infections, rabies, feline panleukopenia, Feline Leukemia Virus (FLV), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), and Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

Characteristics and temperament

Large cat breeds use their size and aggressiveness for hunting purposes and this makes them generally more aggressive than smaller breeds. So naturally as a home pet a large cat is more dangerous on the face of provocation especially to small children in the house. However, not all large cat breeds are aggressive and you may be able to find one through your breeder. Your breeder may advise you to go for a smaller breed which is better behaved.

The size of your living space

Small cat breeds are popular with people who have limited living space. Miniature versions of large cat breeds are available.

Your choice will also be influenced by whether it will be an indoor or outdoor cat. The tough and smart survive in the out of doors. Small cats are often pray for birds and other wildlife and should be kept indoors. Tomcats, a mixed breed, are great at surviving outdoors and mousers. So let us look at a few breeds of cats and then you will be able to choose which one may be right for your lifestyle.

The singapura is the smallest cat of the registered cat breeds, These small cat breeds are usually only about 9 inches high when they are mature. A singapura cat can be distinguished with their characteristic features. They are very affectionate, friendly and calm. So, they are highly valued as pets. One of the most popular large domestic cat breeds is the maine coon, a hardy and tough cat with raccoon-like facial and body markings and a trademark bushy tail.

The Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are average sized cats with deep blue eye color and no known defects. Males weigh 5-7 Kg, and females 4½ - 5½ Kg. They have long life spans usually 15-20 years.Simese cat

They are often white with brown ears and blue eyes.  The coat is very short and silky to the touch. Kittens are born pure white, with color point gradually developing from one week of age.

High in personality, the Siamese cat can be a very temperamental domestic cat breed habitually requiring a lot of human companionship. Because of their love for company they can tear up a home if left alone for too long.  But two Siamese cats will keep themselves content when you are gone.

Siamese cats can be great pets, especially when raised from infancy. They are generally very affectionate. Quite energetic, they are also one of the most inquisitive and intelligent of the cat species. They tend to be very friendly and social, and very, very vocal which is why they meow or “talk” a lot. A sign for attention is usually a very vocal meow much like a babies cry. They are very patient with children and usually they learn not to scratch when playing with people.

Siamese typically bond to one person very strongly and become territorial towards that person. They can become very attached to its human companions so if you want a cat that will spend all her time with you, then Siamese is the right breed for you. But if you don’t have plenty of time to spend with your cat, then you might have to consider a different breed.

The Persian Cat

The Persian cat breed is among the most ancient kinds of pet cats on earth. They are longhaired cats with beautiful silky fur. There are many varieties differentiated by the color of the fur and the eyes.

persian catThe alluring appeal of the white coat coupled with its fullness and quality makes the white Persian one of the most beautiful cats. The eyes are relatively large and round.

The white Persian cat is a hot favorite amongst the cat lovers. Persian cats are extremely warm, friendly and excellent with youngsters. They are known for their calm and affectionate personality as wonderful family members’ pets. However, they are prone to health problems such as allergies. The Persian does not always play as much as other breeds, but they do enjoy a bit of fun for exercise especially in a social situation. They love to have other cats around to play with as well as have a lap available when they are in need of one.

The Manx Cat

The Manx is known for its stubby tail or having no tail. The downside to Manx cats is the lack of tail. Often a Manx can suffer from worms and other parasites due to improper cleaning and not having the protection of a tail. This does not mean you should discount the Manx as a breed.

manx catThe Manx breed is extremely intelligent and playful. They are a lot like dogs in the play area because they can fetch when you through toys and bring them back to you. They are very social animals and depend on human care. They don’t like to be left alone for too long, so it is wise to have other cats to play with when you are gone during the day. The best home for a Manx is one filled with children.

These are just three of the more popular breeds of cats.



There are many cat breeds to choose from and finding the one to fit your lifestyle is important. Cats are very social and intelligent, but some breeds can be loners. Most often, a cat chooses when the time is right and what type of attention they want at the time. The phrase “you do not own a cat it owns you” is very true.

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