Livestock Insurance

The benefits of livestock insurance in Kenya have not been felt by farmers because they have not known how the premiums and the payouts are arrived at. Nonetheless, the economic effects expressed through claims settlement and payments to a large extent prove the positive effects of livestock insurance.

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Making money with Boma Rhodes hay

The persistent shortage of feeding materials for livestock especially during the dry season opens a sound opportunity for making money selling Boma Rhodes grass hay. The high productivity and quality per unit area of boma rhodes make it the grass of choice for both the large and small-scale farmers.

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Legume species commonly used as pasture or fodder in Kenya

Legume species are important supplements for livestock and at times ca completely replace purchased feeds if used properly. There are many legumes species commonly used for pasture or fodder in Kenya but only a few are important.

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Embryo transfer in cattle

Did you know that a cow can produce 10 calves in one year? Cows can now produce many offspring in a single year using multiple ovulation and embryo transfer technology. Despite its obvious benefits embryo transfer is not widespread in Kenya because of its high cost and being not readily available. Only a few individuals and big farms can afford this technology. However the demand is gradually increasing as more farmers want to improve productivity of their livestock.

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Effectively manage grazing livestock

For farmers to effectively manage grazing livestock they need to understand the stocking rate of their farms. Stocking rate is the number of animals grazing a unit area in a given time and is measured in terms of Animal Unit (AU) for large stock or Dry Sheep Equivalent (DSE) for small stock.

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