Breeding goats

Decisions that have to be made in improving dairy goats breeds are dependent on the objectives of the breeding program. This will revolve around the desired products as determined by consumer trends, environmental factors such as climate, forage resources and social economic factors.

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Artificial insemination of livestock

Artificial insemination of livestock is a common practice in Kenya especially for breeding dairy cattle. The impact of AI is much deeper than simply another way to impregnate. Other farm animals like sheep, horses, pigs, dogs, poultry and honeybees can be bred using this method as it provides an economical means for livestock breeders to improve their herds using males with desirable traits and with the least regard for their location in far away places.

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The business of raising day old chicks

Raising day old chicks in Kenya has become very popular because you only need a viable batch of eggs for hatching, a reliable incubator and a working knowledge of poultry incubation. Also selling day old chicks can be done both locally and as a mail order business. Your hatchery could be just what people in your community needed as a nearby source of day old chicks.

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Qualities of a good dairy cow

Which is the best dairy cow? This is a question often asked by dairy producers who are searching for the best dairy cow for their farm stock. The answer may appear simple until you make a mistake with the cow you purchase. Many a times have dairymen grieved for walking into a farm, pointing at a cow and making a purchase simply because the cow looked fantastic.

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Practical steps towards starting dairy goats farming in Kenya

Unlike local goats, dairy goats are bred for milk production and can produce up to 10 times that of the locals. They multiply fast, kidding twice a year often producing twins or triplets. The quality of milk and the prices are higher than a cow’s milk.

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