How to post advertisements

It’s easy to post ads on the website. But first make sure you are adequately prepared with appropriate images, relevant keywords and product description and that these are easily accessible from your computer desktop.

Follow the steps below to post your advertisements.

1. Log in using the username and password used for registration

2. Click the Advertise menu at the top of the page. This will open this page


3. Clicking the New Ad menu takes you to a page where you choose a category.


4. Choose the category from the drop down menu. This directs you to a details page where you fill the particulars of your advertisement.

5. Fill the details correctly


6. Your name and email address is automatically filled if you are logged in

7. It is optional to fill in the link address of your website, the post code and city or town but it is always good to specify so that customers can locate you.

8. Compelling titles persuade readers to read your advertisement and take action. So fill in a good title that highlights the important attributes of your product. Insert important keywords in the title for customers to easily find your product when they search.


9. Describe your product in a way that captures the readers’ imagination. Also include the relevant keywords in the description. Usually a good product description is half the work done.

10. The Kind of delivery can either be wanted, offered or for sale, choose the one that suits you best.

11. tem condition can be new, excellent, good, correct or used. Choose the appropriate condition from the drop down menu.

12.Indicate the price of the product

13. Upload one or two very good and appropriate images. Images can be up to 200 kilobytes in size.

14. Enter the security code

15. Once you are satisfied with everything click the "save" button. Congratulations, your advertisement is live.

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